• Zalando-Designwettbewerb: Symbol of Joy

    Er war braun, kratzig, kostete 2 Mark 50 und stank: Der Jutebeutel aus Bangladesch. Vor 40 Jahren begann der Siegeszug dieser Taschenart unter dem Motto »Jute statt Plastik«, initiiert von der Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Partnerschaft mit […]

  • Berlinale-Plakate 2019: ihr wahres Gesicht

    © Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin / Velvet Creative Office Es ist eine lange Tradition im Fontblog, zum Jahresende einen Blick auf die neue Plakatserie der Berliner Filmfestspiele für den Februar zu werfen. Wegen der Fontblog-Sendepause geschah […]


  • Von Arts & Crafts zum Bauhaus

    Das Bröhan Museum zeigt in seiner Ausstellung Von Arts and Crafts zum Bauhaus. Kunst und Design – eine neue Einheit! die Vorgeschichte des Bauhauses. Um das Bauhaus ranken sich viele Märchen und Mythen. Begriffe wie „Bauhausstil“ […]

  • Von Algorithmen zur Zitronenpresse

    Das Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin zeigt 3D-Druck-Projekte der UdK kuratiert von designtransfer. Die Pop-Up-Ausstellung gibt Einblicke in Experimente, Prototypen und Produktionsprozesse im 3D-Druck von UdK-Studierenden und Alumni der letzten Jahre: von […]



  • 1. Februar 2019

    Das Bild des Tages von: Felix WeschIm Ausblick findet Ihr heute Spuren im Eis. […]

  • Echtes Leben Zeigen – Stillleben

    Ein Beitrag von: Echtes Leben ZeigenFrauen, die stillen, sieht man auch heute noch recht selten in der Öffentlichkeit. Und auch heute noch sehen sich stillende Frauen häufig missbilligenden Blicken, herablassenden Bemerkungen oder gar Anfeindungen […]

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    • Daily Design Inspiration

      Daily Design InspirationAoiroStudioJan 31, 2019 The unfamous Daily Design Inspiration series that started it all on Abduzeedo. Where you'll find the most interesting designs/artworks/concepts curated by one of us to utterly […]

    • The Interactive Experience of FUTURE CITIES by DERIVE

      The Interactive Experience of FUTURE CITIES by DERIVEAoiroStudioJan 31, 2019 Our good friend Cody Ellingham has teamed up with 3D Creator Ruben Fro to create this immersive interactive experience called: FUTURE CITIES by […]


    • 19 Free Fonts You’ll Want to Use in 2019, Trends and Examples

      You're reading 19 Free Fonts You’ll Want to Use in 2019, Trends and Examples, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!Every new year comes with lists of new design trends and […]

    • 7 Websites to Find Free Creative Commons Music and Sounds

      You're reading 7 Websites to Find Free Creative Commons Music and Sounds, originally posted on Designmodo. If you've enjoyed this post, be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook, Google+!One of the most significant mistakes many creatives make is the failure […]

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    • How Does Window Tinting Benefit You And Your Vehicle?

      Window tinting is something that you could put on your car any time that you have a lot of sunlight in the area.  You need to be sure that you have chosen a window tinting product that is best for you, and you will notice that there are a number of ways for you to […]

    • What methods are used at a drug rehab center?

      Drug rehab centers may seem quite simple on the outlook but they are quite tactical. They have been made in such a way that every feature is aimed at making it a better learning and healing facility. Apart from creating a drug-free environment they also use other methods in ensuring that there is a […]

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      • RIBA launches Neave Brown Award for affordable housing

        The Royal Institute of British Architects has launched an exciting new award aimed at recognising the best in contemporary British housing projects, named after one of the discipline’s most respected and revered figures. Read mor […]

      • Córdova Canillas on designing the latest Fucking Young! magazine

        Barcelona-based creative agency Córdova Canillas has designed Fucking Young! magazine for the last four issues. Since the Catalan creatives have taken on the publication, print-lover’s interests have increased ten-fold for the rebrand. Now in its […]


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        • Using Vue.js To Create An Interactive Weather Dashboard With APIs

          (This is a sponsored article.) In this tutorial, you will build a simple weather dashboard from scratch. It will be a client-end application that is neither a “Hello World” example, nor too intimidating in its size and complexity. The entire project will be developed using tools from […]

        • Spread The Love! Inspiring Wallpapers For February 2019

          As designers we usually turn to different sources of inspiration, and, well, sometimes the best inspiration lies right in front of us. With that in mind, we embarked on our wallpapers creativity mission more than nine years ago. The idea: to provide you with unique and inspiring desktop wallpapers […]


        • The Mistakes I Make

          Today we introduce you with the work of  Mirco Guidon a Sydney based director, and this year he had the chance to make a short 3-minute documentary about amazing lettering artist Melissa So. It’s all about her view on the role of mistakes and […]

        • Optician Sans Free Typeface

          We are pleased to introduce you with Optician Sans is a free typeface: Optician Sans is a free typeface, based on the 10 historical optotype letters seen on millions of eye charts around the world, finalizing the work that was started decades ago. The […]